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Nonprofit Products & Discounts

Every nonprofit needs supplies, tools, and technology to help manage every day tasks. 

On this page you'll find products and services the NEXUS Team (and our clients) love to use.

You'll also learn about products and services that offer discounts specifically for nonprofits! 



CharityBox supports new and growing nonprofits through low cost templates and tools. They offer membership programs that are perfect for brand new nonprofits and nonprofits ready to expand their impact. Use code NEXUS for 25% off your entire order. 

G-Suite for Nonprofits


G-Suite for Nonprofits is FREE for qualifying nonprofits.

G-Suite allows teams to collaborate, innovate, and create.

G-Suite includes Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Voice, Google Meets, Google Chat, and more! 

Little Green Light

Little Green Light is an all-in-one donor management software created (and priced) specifically for nonprofits! Little Green Light is an excellent alternative to complicated and expensive CRM software. ​​



Canva is a FREE graphic design platform that makes advanced digital marketing easy. Canva Pro is FREE to qualifying nonprofits. Use Canva to manage your brand, develop social media posts, and cut costs of hiring graphic designers. 

Google Ads Grants


Google Ad Grants is a Google advertising program specifically for nonprofits! Eligible nonprofits can receive $10,000 / month to spend on Google Search ads. Google ads can bring more awareness to your mission, promote advocacy campaigns, and even attract donors. 

More Nonprofit Discounts

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