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NEXUS Templates are created to help save your nonprofit time and money! 

Every NEXUS Template is drafted and reviewed by a

NEXUS Templates are easy-to-use and take most people less than
30-minutes to complete. 

NEXUS Templates can be downloaded immediately upon purchase. 

Fill-in-the blanks to complete your documents and read the comments to learn about customizing
NEXUS Templates to the needs of your nonprofit. 

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Template FAQs

Will my template be ready-to-use as soon as I purchase them? 

Yes and no. NEXUS Templates can be downloaded to your computer immediately after purchase. However, NEXUS Templates require the purchaser to read the instructions, follow the comments, and insert information in the highlighted areas in order for the document to be "ready to use". 

How long will it take me to complete a template? 

Most NEXUS clients can complete a template in under 30-minutes. 

Can I share my templates with a friend? 

No. You can not share your NEXUS Template with a friend. Doing so makes it impossible for us to keep our prices low. Plus, NEXUS owns the copyright to all NEXUS templates. Check out our Terms of Service

Help! I purchased a template and am completely lost! 

This doesn't happen often but when it does, the NEXUS team is here to help. Please email NEXUS at or submit a contact request here

Does my nonprofit have their own lawyer now? 

No. NEXUS is not a law firm. NEXUS Templates are drafted and reviewed by lawyer Morgan Galloway Daly and often receive input and review from multiple other lawyers. Morgan Galloway Daly and other lawyers working with NEXUS are not your or your nonprofit's lawyer unless you sign a Client Engagement Letter stating otherwise. For more information, please reference the NEXUS disclaimer

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