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Nonprofit Conflict of Interest Documents Template

Nonprofit Conflict of Interest Documents Template


The IRS requires all nonprofits to have a Conflict of Interest policy and procedure.


When you fill out your application to recieve 501(c)3 tax status, you will have to certify that you have these documents. 


We add a disclosure form to help make it easier for board members to disclosre confilcts and your executive committee to review them! 

  • Important Information about NEXUS Templates!

    1. Each template created by NEXUS is structured to help assist your nonprofit with IRS compliance, strategic planning, budgeting, finance, and/or your day-to-day nonprofit needs. NEXUS templates are not completed documents. NEXUS templates require you to
    “fill in the blanks” for the document to be completed and ready to use.

    2. We want you to enjoy using NEXUS templates and suggest you play around with font styles, colors, and sizes!

    3. Nonprofit Formation documents (including bylaws, resolutions, agendas, and conflict of interest documents) should not be edited outside of the stated parameters in each template. Making changes without a clear understanding of Internal Revenue Service
    (IRS) requirements and nonprofit laws may cause your nonprofit to become out of compliance with the IRS and/or applicable laws. When your nonprofit is not in compliance with the IRS or applicable laws, your nonprofit risks losing your 501(c)3 status.

    4. If you would like to make changes to your bylaws or other documents after you have created your template, please contact us. We offer a $100 “making changes” consultation for anyone who purchases the applicable NEXUS template.

    5. We hope that we have made this template easy to follow, understand, and customize. Many of our clients are easily able to complete this template on their own (in under 30 minutes). However, if you would like to walk through your document together after you have completed it, we are happy to do so. We offer “template reviews” for a flat fee of $100. This includes a “comments” review and a video walk through. If you purchase a package or multiple templates, we offer a “package review” for a flat fee of $250. This also includes a “comments” review and video walk through.

    6. Please do not share unauthorized use of any NEXUS template with others. We provide templates as a cost saving mechanism for new and growing nonprofits but can’t afford to continue doing so if our templates are being shared without being purchased. Thank you for

    7. By purchasing and/or using any NEXUS template, you certify that you have read and agree to the NEXUS Disclaimer and Terms of Service.

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