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Your nonprofit solution to staying organized.

Every nonprofit needs supplies, tools, and technology to help manage everyday tasks.

In this post you'll find products and services the NEXUS Nonprofits Team (and our clients) love to use.

We have yet to work with a nonprofit professional that feels completely organized, has unlimited capacity, or a little extra time on their hands. In fact, most of our nonprofit clients list “limited capacity” as their most important problem to solve.

While we know adding one more thing to your “to-do” list feels counterproductive, we are confident that this additional task will be worth it.

Some of our links are affiliate links / advertisements. This means that when you make a purchase using our link, we may make a small profit (at no additional cost to you). Check out the NEXUS Affiliate Disclosure for more information. wants to help you and your nonprofit generate social impact by simplifying and streaming all of your operations in one place. Their programs can help you manage your contacts, marketing, and your internal team projects – all on the same platform!

Click here to learn more about managing your everyday nonprofit needs with

About Us: NEXUS Nonprofits is an all-inclusive nonprofit consulting company.

We manage the tasks you don't have time for, so that you and your team can get back to doing what you do best -- supporting your mission.

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