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Our 6-week Nonprofit Accelerator will walk you through the process of creating your own nonprofit -- from scratch. The only thing you need to get started is an idea, we will guide you through the process from there. Check out the details below!

What's included? 

Everything you need to get started... and more!

- Discover your "why"

- Create your mission statement 

- Build your Board of Directors 

- Customize your formation and legal documents 

- Create your state entity 

- Host your first Board of Directors meeting 

- File for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) 

- Apply for 501(c)3 status with the IRS 

Before each group meeting, you will receive "pre-work" to help you start forming thoughts and ideas. 

After each group meeting, you will receive a "task list" to complete before our next meeting. 

We will hold (6) group meetings. They are each scheduled for (1) hour. 

Your Mission Workshop will be held 1:1 with NEXUS. 

Your first Board of Directors meeting will also be held 1:1 with NEXUS. 

Yes, that means we will be there to walk you through all of the required steps and documentation!


We will also hold (2) optional Coffee Chats and (2) optional Happy Hours for community building and additional group support! 

At the end of our 6-week course you will have a state nonprofit, pending 501(c)3 status (if that's the route you choose to take), a complete packet of formation and legal documents, tools to keep your momentum moving forward, and a new community to support you along the way! 

Is this a
pre-recorded course?

NO. This is a live course where we strongly encourage participants to interact and share with each other. We think it's great when friends, neighbors, and community members join together and Zoom in from the same space! 

With permission of the group, we may record group sessions if you have a scheduling conflict.

Please notify us in advance! 

What are the dates? 

October 4th / October 11th / October 18th / October 25th / November 1 / November 8 

1:1 Meetings will be scheduled based on your availability! 

Optional Coffee Chats and Happy Hours will be scheduled after October 4th and before October 11th.

What time? 

We schedule the time after we have closed registration so we can find a time that works well for everyone! Sometimes, we schedule two time options to accommodate people on the East Coast, West Coast, and everywhere in between. 

"What if I register but the time selected won't work for me?" We will refund you!



The cost includes the 6-week course, your state filing fee ($30 - $200) and Form 1023 EZ ($250). 

If you would like to file Form 1023 Standard an additional $400 fee will apply. 

We know that $1500 is a lot of money when you are funding a new nonprofit on your own. 

We offer 25% off for NEXUS Nonprofits Learning Collaborative members (register for free here). 

We also save 10% of our spots for scholarship recipients. If you would like to apply for a scholarship (covers the complete cost) please email us at and make the subject of your email "Scholarship".  


We provide closed captioning during all meetings. We are happy to schedule an ASL interpreter and/or language translation upon request. If "on the spot" processing and sharing isn't fun for you -- no worries -- let us know and we will make you a "listen only" participant. This means we won't call on you! Need documents in large print or inverted colors? Cool. Give us a heads up and we will prepare alternative formats for you!


 Other accommodation needs? Contact us. We will figure it out together! 

Safe spaces!

We are creating our own little online community. 

Differences in opinion are valued but hate will not be tolerated

We cherish diversity. If that's not cool with you, don't register. 


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